October 31, 2015

After I received, what  I considered poor care, at another podiatric clinic, I was amazed and pleased at the care and treatment at Associated Podiatrists, LLP. Everyone - the front desk people, the assistance people, Dr. Merckx, the foot modeling person and everyone else were kind, courteous, respectful, professional, and good at explaining what they were doing and why. Thanks again to all of you!

- Patricia G.
  Madison, WI

November 6th 2013

Dr. Merckx was wonderful. He was patient and explained everything. I look forward to seeing him in the future.

- Jack C.

Written Testimonials


Date Submitted: 04/03/2013
City: Ripon, WI
Name: William W.

Dr. Schroeder removed a lesion that proved to have basal cell carcinoma. This required removal of a significant amount of tissue. The operation was quick and painless and the recovery was also virtually painless. I appreciated the warm friendliness of Dr Schroeder as well as Dr. Lombardo, who did some of the checkup work, and the entire staff including Liz who has a wonderful sense of humor.

Date Submitted : 05/31/2013
Full Name : Matthew M.
City, State : Madison, WI
Doctor's Office : East Madison
Doctor's Name : Dr. Nicholas Lombardo, DPM
Condition Treated : Calluses & Psoriasis

Comments : Dr. Lombardo was thoughtful, patient, extremely professional, easily demonstrated his expertise, and made me feel at ease. He listened carefully & thoughtfully to my questions, took each one seriously, and gave professional, expert answers and recommendations to my concerns. I felt completely at ease, well treated, and confident with Dr. Lombardo and under his care.

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